Welcome to Birchwood Park Golf Centre

Welcome to Birchwood Park Golf Centre, North Kent's most popular pay and play golf destination. Situated on the outskirts of Wilmington, Kent and at the heart of the local community, Birchwood Park prides itself on offering a friendly welcome to golfers and non-golfers alike and has some of the best golf and off-course facilities in the area.  Whether you have never held a club before and fancy giving golf a go, or you are an experienced player, Birchwood Park Golf Centre has everything you need.

Offers and Events

Oct 10 2014 to Dec 31 2014

Sandie's Over 30's, Birchwood Park Golf Centre, Dartford, Kent

Sandies's Over 30's at Birchwood Park Golf Centre.

£6.00 before 10pm 
£8.00 after 10pm


Oct 13 2014 to Nov 18 2014

Learn Golf FREE

We are offering people that have never played golf before the opportunity to try the great game for FREE.

Saturday 8th November - 4.00pm

Tuesday 18th November - 7.00pm

2015 Wedding for £2015

Winter Golf Days

Learn Golf FREE!

Fitness Experience Day